About Ginny

With a sculptor for a mother and a painter as a sister, combined with generations of artists in the family, art came naturally for Ginny. Now an avid painter with watercolor and oil, she was inspired by her family's diverse interests and tried her skills at a full range of mediums. This experience taught her many skills which she continues to apply to her painting.

Ginny's love of painting was cultivated during her summers on the rocky coast of Maine. Sitting alongside mother and sister, perhaps an uncle or cousin, everyone would be expressing the same scene in different manners.  Each person focused on different elements that interested them.

Ginny focuses on dynamic light and ever-changing colors, and she enjoys keeping her paintbrush in motion. She likes to keep a light hand which allows vibrant life to show through even when she paints still-lives and portraits


Since moving to Marietta, GA, Ginny has attended many workshops and classes.She teaches oil and acrylic painting at The Artisan Resource Center in Marietta.  Her studio is now in Decatur as she no longer lives in Marietta but has moved in town in Atlanta in a neighborhood called Kirkwood. She now owns her own gallery with her sister Mary called "the QuietSide Art Gallery and Studio in Bernard, Maine She teaches classes there as well.